Major Update: All URLs changed!

In the quest of making Good URLs, I end up changing all of them again and again. Hopefully I got it right this time, because this changing around is not good for URLs stability, and unfortunately I do not have redirects everywhere.

At first I had blog posts like it was a wordpress blog with the full date and a small prefix to separate the posts from the images (/blog/2011/10/22/finding-a-trustworthy-webhost). A few months later I realize that I don't post things every single day, nor even every month, so I shorten it to just the year (/blog/2011/allegro-5-released). Then I somehow got the “smart” idea to put every post of the year into the same page, so that I can post small things without worry (/blog/2012#i-got-a-youtube-channel). I then reverted back to multiple pages due to it messing with the formating in posts from 2010.

But recently I've been finding it hard to categorize related work because I didn't want to create too many top level topics. Do I put a small image in daily draw when I'm not doing an image every day? how about a game that's not a javascript app (back when I had a /js-app/ folder)? What if the small image is also related to a game in a topic that I may not be doing next year? I also find myself updating everything under a new topic when the style of that topic changes.

So now I have all URLs with the year they started at the top, with (now optional) topics being switched into second level (/2014/blog/major-update-all-urls-changed). This way, I have more freedom to put things in different URL structure as appropriate each year without worrying about changing the format of all the past years.

I have also removed the atom feed until I get a better idea on how I'll use it, and over the days I'll restore the styles and thumbnails to old pages.