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About polarium

Polarium is a puzzle game made for the DS. In this game there is a board made up of black and white tiles. you use the stylus to draw a path that dose not cross over it self to flip over some of the tiles. so that you have rows of black or white tiles.

Polarium has three modes.

GBA polarium news

I have heard that Japan is going to have Polarium on the GBA in October 13.

In this game there are going to be 365 puzzles, no challenge mode, and three new tiles. The new tiles are: (I say tiles, but tiles and panels are the same)

  1. blank panels
  2. Kotei Panels
  3. Hurdle Panels
  4. Multi Panels

blank Panels are just like the boarders. they have use for the Kotei Panles. The Kotei Panels are like a row of tiles that is linked together that holds all of the tiles up. when the row of Kotei Panels are cleared. all of the tiles fall down. The Hurdle Panels are tiles that you can not go over. The Multi Panels are both black and white. They get cleared when all of the other tiles in that row are the same color. Also because they are black and white. You can not flip them.

Chalange mode score calculation

Is when you flip one or more tiles. In other words. Flipping zero tiles is not a move.
This is the number of rows of tiles that got cleared in a move.
This is the number of tiles that got flipped in all of the cleared lines.
When two of the cleared lines is opposite colors.
When two of the cleared lines has a uncleared row of tiles in between them.
This is a counter that gets increased every time your move clears one or more lines. It also resets back to zero if you don't clear a line in that move.
This is the score you get for a single move.
You can also get this score if you clear the entire board in that move.
you get this full clear bonus if you have boarders in it too.

note that there is also a full clear counter, but that is all it does, counts.

If there is a split in betwine black and white rows. It counts as a split not a border.

| # # # # |
|#########| black row
|  ##   ##| split here
|         | white row

The binnary info of puzzle passwords.

A polarium password consistes of three lines that have ten decimal digits. The first two lines are the puzzles board data and the last line is other info. The digits in these lines are reversed. So if you wan't to read the binnary info of a polarium puzzle password. you first have to flip the digits.

Next you take the number that you got from fliping the digits. and covert it to binnary(or hexdecimal) with something like Windows Calculator.

Now if you started with a puzzle like this.


you wold get the binnary info like this


Now this is what this info means.
line14th line(read backwards)3rd line(read backwards)2nd line(read backwards)1st line(read backwards)
line28th line(read backwards)7th line(read backwards)6th line(read backwards)5th line(read backwards)
line3checksumhieghtwidthY of end*X of end*Y of start*X of start*

*The start and end of the sloution.

The checksum It is caculated by adding all of the other bytes(not bits) of the binnary info.

Impossible puzzles From 43110N1NT3N60580716 of Nsider forums

The infamuos impossible puzzle.

MY username.


Super impossible.

Counting down.
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