Youtube Videos 2012

Polarium Challenge Mode - 6344315 points

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My attempt at beating the world record of 8212950 points from ZEBESIAN_SPACE_PIRATE. It's better then my old score of 6183910 but still have much to go. The general strategy was to get as many chains as possible

My hand started to shake at 800 lines and was really hard to control at 900, and thus lost at 952 lines. I concentrated so hard on moving my hand that I forgot the last level's patterns.

I left the music out while recording.

it is a mystery

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it is a mystery.

My WarioWare D.I.Y. games

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These are four games I made in WarioWare D.I.Y. about two years ago.

0:13 - In this you have to dodge nuclear missiles by taping three different areas. Just simple following commands and collision events.

1:15 - The goal is to match two groups of color. I tried to make mismatching auto fail, but I ran out of available flags.

1:48 - Essentially Dance Dance Revolution or StepMania. The window is a bit tight however. I did some interesting timing tricks to randomize every arrow while using very few flags.

2:43 - Up to two random commands appear. You must do or don't do what it says. Artwork Was done by my sister. This is by far the most complicated game I made. Practically maxed out the trigger-space. There are 16 possible set of commands, with auto failing for disobeying them or getting them out of order.

Just Do nothing
Just sleep
Just eat
Just play
Wait ... Now do nothing
Wait ... Now sleep
Wait ... Now eat
Wait ... Now play
Do nothing
Eat then sleep
Sleep then eat
Sleep then play
GO WILD (auto win)
Play then sleep
Play then eat
Eat then play

SMB2: “Just Have Some Faith”

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This is a compilation of quickly completing some levels in Super Monkey Ball 2. I pointed my laptop camera at a TV, and edited this together with Quicktime Pro (yeah really) in . This was the first video I had intended to post on the internet, but I held back because it's obviously not 100% original work.