OUYA looks interesting

[the ouya game console]

I recently found out about the OUYA game console. It's a Kickstarter project for a low cost video game console that promises to be a exceptionally “open” market for all game developers.

The hardware is at that sweet spot of neither being too expensive nor too shoddy. It's essentially a modern smart-phone without a built-in screen and without cellular communication. The raw graphical capability is on par with the Nintendo Wii and the first Xbox.

The only thing I think that's missing hardware wise is a SD card slot. There will soon come a time when the 8GB of internal disk space will not be sufficient, especially since the dev team is looking forward to “AAA” games. It probably would increase the hardware costs by 2 cents, considering all you really need is direct pin connections. As a bonus, the console could play Lib-Ray cards directly.

My main concern is, will the OUYA allow ordinary game players make and distribute their own video games without special permission? In the past, the App Store model hasn’t played nice with free libre software. I suppose “rooting” would solve any restrictive problem OUYA may have, but I hope rooting won't automatically disable any authenticated features or streaming content.

Update: Rooting will disable accsess to the Ouya marketplace. Forget this.