Daily Draw 2011 week 3

Portal from Inverted Land

I figured out why I was getting wrong hues before. My cheap rose art color pencils are way in the warm side. So when inverted, even the most green color became purple (though the purple fire is very cool anyway). I used crayola crayons for this one, and the colors looks like what I wanted for once. I like how the flowers came out.


This looks like it would be a fun game to play.

TAS Videos

I could do an entire series about the kind of things that happens in tasvideos.org

Transcript (with spelling corrections):
Step 1
Get head stuck in ceiling.
Step 2
Enjoy the ride while you go over 9000 mph to the right.
Step 3
soon you'll fall for about 4 screens into the abyss
Step 4
At screen 5 you are now in RAM, the pieces of pipe will help with navigation
Step 5
At the right spot save and power off in the middle of saving.
Step 6
If done right you're at the last level
Step 7
If you press [left, and right] while swinging the sword in midair you can hit the bosses 30 times per second!
Step 8
Because you don't have the long jump, because of steps 1-5, you have to get your foot stuck for a fraction of a second to do a glitched wall jump.
Step 9
The glitched wall jump gives you a free air jump.
Step 10
Color a dinosaur
Step 11
due to plot, your sword is gone, but that won't stop you from doing buffer overflows. Press [up, down, left, right] A and B all at once to make you teleport to predetermined random places on the screen
Step 12
Punch the core and win the game.

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril fanart sketch

Fan art for Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril. I was going for something cool, but I realized halfway through that what I drew looked bad.

World of Goo Fanart

Fan-art for a great game called World of Goo.

A Guy Digging

Not one of my good days. Though I seem to have a lot of not so good days. I think I was trying different kind of shading, but I was lazy in doing it.