Daily Draw 2011 week 2

Just in time

I nearly missed today (11:58PM EST). Made with http://mugtug.com/sketchpad/.

Deephole Factory

"So what's going on here?" wondered the cave explorer.

Night Assassin

By popular request (at school) I did another inverted pencil drawing. It's a challenge trying to imagine what it looks like while I'm drawing. I'm missing some arms, I still can't get a hang of the hues.

Art Evolution

I looked at some of my kid drawings, and I compared them to what I can do now.


They sailed into a storm.

Quick MSpaint Picture

Fired up the closest thing to MSpaint to try to make it in time for my daily draw.

Simonchu Fanart

My favorite line of dialog from Simonchu 2 of the 2004Mbit gbadev.org competition.