Aqua Melodies

Download Video: "AV1", "WebM"

The song is called Journey of a Raindrop. I made it in 2006 with the Nintendo DS game Electroplankton, back when Nsider forums was still open. The sounds were recorded from the audio jack, and mixed together on several tracks. No pitch changes or other fancy techniques were used.

The video was made in 2007, the end of my freshman year, at a Huntington University DMA class. I originally planed to make some action filled video game trailer of a imaginary video game, but I was completely new to Flash. So in my frustration (and a fast approaching deadline), I decided to use the music and create a colorful music video inspired by Electroplankton. The result is just beautiful.

In 2009, I successfully submitted Aqua Melodies to the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. The video has also been chosen as part of Huntington University's Forester Films. I also submitted this to the 2010 Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival.

Here's some scaned pages of production sketches: page 1, page 2, page 3