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I joined the Nintendo Nsider Forums on March 4th 2005, with the user name 43110N1NT3N60580716. That name is leet of “Hello Nintendo's World”. I didn't even know what “leet” was when I made up that name. I Thought the site would so huge that someone must of taken “43110” already, so that's why I used the long form instead.

I learned about many silly things during the two years I participated in Nsider. Users often posted silly off topic posts that was usually a copy of a joke from elsewhere on the internet. These were usually referred to as “SPAM” for “Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages”. Now people just refer them as internet memes.

People introduced me to Wikipedia when they pointed out that my name was a butchered form of 1337, and from there I found out about Megatokyo because the Wikipedia page referenced a main character from it. In Nsider, there were plenty of people who made small webcomics. Most of these Nsider comics were sprite comics, which were made by finding video game sprite sheets from places like The Spriters Resource and making stories with them. One of the most popular of these Nsider sprite comics was made by a high ranked Nsider, Falcon6. His comic poked fun at the silly things that went on in Nsider. It also codified some things for other Nsider comics, like the Nsider as a big city analogy and that “spam” is a wieldable power. I got interested in his sprite comic that I wanted to do one myself. The result was Mamma Peach Comics.

I also got interested in a small comic series made by a Nsider user called HyperFludd. I can't find it on the internet anymore and the guy didn't care much for it in the first place. Just before I started college at the end of 2006, I looked for an excuse to make a video game. I contacted HyperFludd and said I would be willing to make his video game that was based off of his webcomic. I came up with a some ideas about the video game mechanics and story. I never did keep that promise because college work swamped me, and Nsider ceased to exist. After Nsider closed the way it did, most users just outright quit what they had been creating and doing in Nsider forums, and moved on to “social networking sites”.

So this upcoming game that I'm going to make, “Prism War”, is kind of like a spiritual sequel to that video game I never started.

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