Finding a Trustworthy Webhost

[picture of burning houses]

One of my long standing goals is getting my personal website up and running. Back in 2004 The only viable options were free webhosts like or AOL Hometown, but places like that depend on the goodwill of the corporations that run them. Seeing how sites like that can turn out, I went to search for a more permanent host.

For a long lasting host I knew that I would have to pay some money for it, but I have a habit of putting nothing on the Internet even if it's on webspace that I've purchase. I would most likely end up having to pay $20 A month for nothing.

So during the summer school break in 2009, I searched and found It wasn't just the “pay only for the resources you use” plan that attracted me, it was also their simple and agreeable TACOS. I can also trust it not to randomly shutdown like geocities, because everyone on NFSN is paying proportionally for their services. There's also the added bonus that I won't go bankrupt because I don't fill my site's allocated space the very moment I start.