Another web page for CS116


Hello, my name is Johnathan, and this is a webpage I created for a class of mine.

About me

I am a digital media artist at Huntington University. I like video games, and I would like to eventually make a good game one day.

Train Master

A game that I did however make is called Train Master. It's a simple little game that was made in 72 hours for a competition called TINS (TINS is not speedhack). In this game you guide train though the railroad track by changing the switches. It got good reviews even though it's nowhere complete and bug free.

The intro screen to Train Master


I also like this Nintendo DS game called Polarium (and it's sequel for the gameboy advance). The goal of the game to lay down a path to change the tiles from white to black (and visa versa) so that the rows match colors. The cool thing about this game is it's ability to save coustom puzzles as codes to share across the Internet.
like this:

  1. 0441606310
  2. 1917612512
  3. 7583953331

I eventually figured out how the game makes the puzzles into those codes, and made a few odd puzzles that was not normally allowable in the game. Basically just take each line backwards and convert the decimal number into hex, and interpret by this:
hex digit123 45678
Line #1 the first 4 lines of the board pattern as binary. least significant bit comes 1'st. 0 = white, 1 = black.
Line #2 the last 4 lines of the board pattern as binary. same format as above.
Line #3 checksum height width y and x coordinates
of start of the solution.
y and x coordinates
of end of the solution.

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