There is a bug in my screen!

If you think dead pixels are a problem. Then check these out.

the three picture are different angles of the same screen.

Many of you would be wondering "what is that dot on the screen"? The answer. A bug, and I don't mean a computer glitch.

When I first notice this thing. It was moving. I was wondering about this moving dot that was on the screen. I look at it closely I was surprised that this dot was going in between the pixies. Then I notice another thing. It was behind the screens pixels! So I did some experiments with this bug. First I taped the screen. It fell (talk about interactive). I taped it some more. It stop but later it contended to move.

eventually it died (I know because it stopped moving for 5 months)and now I have a "dead" pixel in the screen. I wonder what that bug saw In my screen before it died or how it got there in the first place.

I wanted to post this when I was a koopa. But I guess Trivia Assassin will do fine:).