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Bowser's Wedding (and Afterwards) fanfic-trouble


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These comics were started on the old Nintendo forum shortly after I joined. My son (43110) had been reading Falcon 6's comics and wanted to do a comic of his own, but he had no ideas. I also wanted to do a comic (and intend to do some professional ones when my skills are improved), but I wasn't sure what Nintendo related comic I could do, and I couldn't post pictures then anyway. At that time my son was also reading the syndicated newspaper comic Baby Blues so I thought it would be fun to do a comic series about our family life but with everyone pictured as Nintendo characters (and a little extra Nintendo fantasy added to our real life situations). At first I drew the characters and wrote the dialogue and my son edited them into real photo backgrounds in comic form. When he went to college I could no longer rely on his computer skills so my style had to change, and I had to learn GIMP in the process too. Running the second NSider ComiCon almost single handed helped with that. Then Nintendo Forums vanished and here I am. Too much time has passed so I really don't intend to keep up with these comics anymore, but I did want to have them someplace where people could see them. Oddly enough the comics stopped just before a real plot line began to emerge.   — Mamma Peach