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Impossible puzzles

Belive it or not there are Impossible puzzles. click here to enter the Search for impossible puzzles page.


The binnary info of puzzle passwords.

A polarium password consistes of three lines that have ten decimal digits. The first two lines are the puzzles board data and the last line is other info. The digits in these lines are reversed.
So if you wan't to read the binnary info of a polarium puzzle password. you first have to flip the digits.

Next you take the number that you got from fliping the digits. and covert it to binnary(or hexdecimal) with something like Windows Calculator.

Now if you started with a puzzle like this.
you wold get the binnary info like this

Now this is what this info means.
bit 0-34-78-1112-15 16-1920-2324-2728-31
line1 4th line(read backwards) 3rd line(read backwards) 2nd line(read backwards) 1st line(read backwards)
line2 8th line(read backwards) 7th line(read backwards) 6th line(read backwards) 5th line(read backwards)
line3 checksum hieght width Y of end* X of end* Y of start* X of start*
*The start and end of the sloution.

The checksum It is caculated by adding all of the other bytes(not bits) of the binnary info.


The Polarium puzzle password encode and decoder in javascript.

In this program you can make puzzles that you can't normaly make in Polarium, and with an added bounus of the ability to paste passwords.
All passwords work with Polarium. unless noted otherwize.
Goto the program


puzzles in the first 100,000,000 digits of PI.

This file has the plain text version of over 2 thousand(2,000) puzzles found in the value of PI. possible and Impossible.


where to get more puzzles.

There are many more puzzles out there on the internet. Each of these links has hundreds of puzzle passwords.

The Official Polarium Custom Puzzle Thread! of Nintendo NSider Forums. This place has more than just puzzles. It's also the base of most of the info you will find in this web site.
Puzzle Polari.
polarium101. This site doesn't have very many puzzles, but it was the first site to advertise my site.