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I have heard that Japan is going to have Polarium on the GBA in October 13.

In this game there are going to be 365 puzzles, no challenge mode, and three new tiles.
The new tiles are: (I say tiles, but tiles and panels are the same)

  1. blank panels
  2. Kotei Panels
  3. Hurdle Panels
  4. Multi Panels

blank Panels are just like the boarders. they have use for the Kotei Panles
The Kotei Panels are like a row of tiles that is linked together that holds all of the tiles up. when the row of Kotei Panels are cleared. all of the tiles fall down.
The Hurdle Panels are tiles that you can not go over.
The Multi Panels are both black and white. They get cleared when all of the other tiles in that row are the same color. Also because they are black and white. You can not flip them.



The only thing I suggest is a well made password system for puzzles that are backward compatible with the ds polarium passwords.