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Most of the time. The best help is just knowing what pattrens drop on the board.


Polarium strategies

I would start puting strategies here, But I don't have enoth time(yet). Just be satisfyed woth the big bitmap above.


chalange mode score calculation

Is when you flip one or more tiles.
In other words. Flipping zero tiles is not a move.
This is the number of rows of tiles that got cleared in a move.
This is the number of tiles that got flipped in all of the cleared lines.
When two of the cleared lines is opposite colors.
When two of the cleared lines has a uncleared row of tiles in between them.
This is a counter that gets increased every time your move clears one or more lines.
It also resets back to zero if you don't clear a line in that move.

This is the score you get for a single move:
You can also get this score if you clear the entire board in that move.
Full clear bonus:
you get this full clear bonus if you have boarders in it too.
note that there is also a full clear counter, but that is all it does, counts.

If there is a split in betwine black and white rows. It counts as a split not a border.
| # # # # |
|#########|black row
|  ##   ##|split here
|         |white row